Monday, December 13, 2010

I ♥ Faces - "Pets"

I love pet week at I ♥ Faces!  I have been waiting to enter this picture into a contest and now I finally can!  I walked in to check on our napping baby one day to find our dog Scout sitting in the rocker looking at the crib.  I ran to get my camera, and snapped this picture.  Soon after that, Lane started stirring and Scout jumped down from the chair to check on him.  This is one of my all time favorite pictures.  

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Here is a little video of our little man walking!  He started taking small steps over Thanksgiving Break, but really took off yesterday.  He will be 9 months on Sunday!  Way to go Lane!

And here's one more...this time he has his pants back on!  haha

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Half a Year Old

I can't believe that half a year ago I gave birth to the most perfect baby boy on the planet.  The time is flying by and Lane is 6 months old!  He is busy learning new things and perfecting old skills.  Here are some things he is up to lately.


*Weighed 16 lbs 2 oz at his 6 mo checkup.  (between 25th-50th percentile)
*Was 26 inches long (50th percentile)
*Wears size 3-6 and 6 month clothes
*Wears size 2 diaper
*Wears size 1 shoe but is approaching size 2's!

*Still eats 4, 6 oz bottles a day and solid foods twice a day
*Eats a fruit and cereal in the morning and cereal, a veggie, and a fruit at night!  Nobody can believe he is eating that much at night, but he can put the baby food away!
*Is still on stage 1 foods, but has tried all of them.  LOVES carrots, peas, and apples the most.
*We never tried sweet potatoes again after they gave him horrible gas.
*Prunes make his diapers extra dirty, but he likes the taste!
*Also likes squash, green beans, pears, bananas, and fresh avocado.
*Tried "Puffs" for the first time, but doesn't quite get the concept of grabbing them and putting them in his mouth.
*Also tried drinking from a sippy cup, but prefers to bang it on his tray instead of drinking from it!

*Learned how to sit up at about 5 1/2 months
*Went from army crawling to real crawling a few days after his 6 month birthday and is UNSTOPPABLE!.
*Still rolls everywhere.
*Likes to crawl up to Scout and touch her paws.
*Still smiles at everyone!!  Is a happy, happy boy.

*Is VERY squirmy when getting his diaper changed and getting dressed.  Rolls over onto his stomach on the changing table!
*Stays with Gran 3 days a week and Miss Melissa 2 days a week.
*Still has an unpredictable nap schedule, but usually takes one long nap a day with a few small naps here and there.
*Still has the same nighttime sleep schedule.  Around 8:30p-7:00a.
*Loves to grab ALL things.  Is hard to keep still these days when I am holding him.
*Sat in a high chair for the first time at a restaurant at 6 months 1 week.  Did pretty well!

*Has almost started pulling up in his crib.  Time to lower the mattress!
*Loves his jumper-oo.  Jumps really high and laughs!
*Likes to pat the face of whoever is feeding him his last bottle before bed.
*Sticks out one arm straight forward when I walk around holding him on my hip.  It's almost like he is just waiting for something to grab!
*Still sleeps on his side or stomach.
*His silky and paci are still 2 of his favorite things.
*Favorite toys include: his teething giraffe and his toy cell phone.  Also has really started to like his song and light projector that I play when he is having a hard time falling asleep.  Still likes all toys with lights.
*Is more interested in eating books than reading them.

These 6 months have been the most fun months of my life.  Everyone who knows Lane loves him, and Kyle and I are so proud of him!  Happy half birthday Lane Austen!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I ♥ Faces - "Vroom, Vroom!"

The theme at I ♥ Faces this week is "Vroom, Vroom!"  This is my 6 month old son, Lane in his car pj's.  My own interpretation of the theme "Vroom, Vroom!"  :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Laughin' Lane

Ok, the last laughing video was of Lane laughing at Daddy, but in this one it was Mommy who got him giggling!  Enjoy!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

5 months old!

Our sweet boy turned 5 months old! He has gotten so smiley and has really filled out. This month was special because it was my last month of summer with Lane. I loved being home with him over the summer and had gotten used to him sleeping "late" in the mornings...too bad I have to go back to work! I will miss him sooo much. Anyway...back to his 5 month stats!


-Weighs about 15 pounds. I weighed him using our scale at home and he came out to around 15.
-Wears size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes. Can still fit in some 0-3 month clothes.
-Wears a size 1 shoe.

-Rolls everywhere! He can flip around really fast now and can end up on the other side of the room in no time!
-Can sit up with just a little help. (Sat up un-assisted for about 1 minute at 5 1/2 months)
-Likes to "walk" with help from someone.
-Learned how to rotate in his jumper to play with all the toys around him.
-Can scoot around on the floor on his belly but hasn't crawled yet.

-Eats 6 oz of formula every 4 hours with solid food in the morning between his first 2 feedings and in the evening between his last 2 feedings. Usually takes a bottle around 8:00 am, noon, 4:00 pm and again before bed.
-Uses medium flow nipples now.
-Started trying lots of baby foods and loves them! As of 5 1/2 months he has tried: avocado, apples, sweet potato, carrots, and pears. The sweet potatoes made him very gassy and he ended up waking up 2 nights in a row at 3 am crying. We discontinued them for the time being!
-Eats oatmeal and fruit in the morning and rice cereal and a veggie in the evening.
-Goes to bed around 8:30 and sleeps until around 7:00 or 8:00.

-Has really started to notice Scout and LOVES her! She will walk by and he will start grinning and laughing. Likes to "pet" her and so far Scout has been really good with him.
-Loves all people. He smiles BIG when anyone talks to him. Is not afraid of strangers yet! Especially likes men and people with glasses or hats on. haha! Laughs hard at Daddy, my principal Mr. Gray, Uncle Mitch, Paw, and Pops. Will laugh for women too, but laughs harder at men for some reason.
-Likes to grab things you don't want him to get, such as my iphone, a magazine I am reading, the tablecloth or anything on the table when trying to eat.
-Loves paper. Likes to play with envelopes, paper bags, magazines.

-Likes to suck his toes when he can get them into his mouth!
-Discovered his tongue and likes to stick it in and out, in and out. Also blows raspberries.
-Went to visit Paw and Nonna this month.
-Went up to school to work with mommy some in her classroom.
-Went shopping and out to eat a bunch.

-Still takes a pacifier.
-Still rolls over and sleeps on his tummy at night.
-Still likes to kick and screech and sling his arms up and down.
-Still loves his bath and now takes it in the big tub with just a foam mat.
-Still likes to be read to.
-Still loves to watch tv.
-Still has no teeth but still has the little white nubs he has had since he was 10 weeks old!
-Still has blue eyes and long eye lashes.
-Still has barely any hair-although, it is starting to thicken up a little and is still blonde.
-Still is a mama's boy.
-Still is as cute as ever.

Monday, August 9, 2010

I ♥ Faces - "Surprise!"

This picture showcases the biggest surprise of my life. (And my husband's!) Kyle had just left for a 10 day long trip to Yellowstone National Park when I found out I was expecting a baby! I took a couple of pregnancy tests just to be sure, but when the digital kind read "Pregnant" I knew for sure! I was soooo excited and couldn't wait to tell Kyle when he got home. I took this self portrait with my camera in my hand pointed at me. It took a couple of tries to get it just right, but I came up with this photograph. I had it printed with the words "Surprise! Love, Kyla and Baby L.C." (We had already picked out 2 names for a boy or a girl that both started with an L.) I kept my little secret for 10 days until he returned and was thrilled to give him a gift of this picture and a tiny Texas Longhorn onesie. He was surprised to say the least! Now we have our bundle of joy- Lane Austen Coots, who was born last March on the 5th.

He was the best surprise ever!

Friday, July 30, 2010


This is the nickname that we have given Lane. This month he has started screeching so loudly! He does it most when he is either really excited or angry, but sometimes he just does it to hear his own voice I think! His favorite places to screech are restaurants, which makes for an interesting meal! He is definitely screeching in the above picture!

Here is a sampling of our little "Screech" at his finest:

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

4 Months Old

Lane is 4 months old! I feel like this month he has shown the most change as far as milestones and developments go. He has become very smiley, but also still has a bit of a moody side! Haha! People always comment on how he is always smiling for pictures. I guess his momma knows how to get those grins out!

At 4 months LANE:

*Weighed 13 pounds 7 oz at his 4 mo checkup - 25th percentile
*Was 24 in long - 25th percentile.
*Head circumference was in 25th percentile as well. Dr. Phan said he is perfectly proportional!
*Can still wear all of his 0-3 month clothes, but can also fit into some 3-6 month depending on the brand.
*Wears a size 1 diaper
*Now wears a size 1 shoe...outgrew his 0's

*Can sit up by himself for about 10 seconds before toppling over.
*Rolls over both ways. Rolled over back to stomach on his 4 month birthday and now rolls around all over the place!
*Is much better at looking at something and grabbing it. Still chews on everything.
*Can stand and "walk" with help.
*Still takes a paci but not as much.
*Still LOVES his silky. We take one EVERYWHERE!

*Started sleeping in his crib on the 4th of July. Sleeps much better in there! (And we sleep better too!)
*Usually takes five 6 oz bottles a day.
*Goes to bed between 9:00-10:00 pm and sleeps until around 7:00 am.
*Has become more of a napper this month and will usually take one pretty long nap a day and one or two other shorter naps.
*Tried rice cereal for the first time on his 4 month birthday, but doesn't like it. Will take it better with a little bit of applesauce mixed in.
*Went to the Little Gym and storytime at the library this month.

*Has really discovered his voice now. Especially loves to "screech" really loudly.
*Laughs out loud.
*Still has no teeth, but I can see the little buds under his gums.
*Has grown to hate his carseat. Screams loudly when strapped in and arches his back to get out.
*Will no longer stay in carseat at restaurants. I have become a pro at eating with him in my lap!
*Loves to look at books.
*Can ride sitting up facing forward in his stroller now.

Lane Austen-We love you to bits! You get more and more adorable every day and are growing up so fast! I know 5 months will be just as fun as 4 months was!

"Six Pack"

Kyle and I met some really nice people in our childbirth class at the hospital and I have kept in touch with all but 2 of the girls in there. We all had baby boys within a little over a month of each other! We decided to start a monthly playgroup and have met up twice this summer! The first one was at Olivia's house. She invited her neighbor who has a baby boy a week younger than Lane, and Monica invited her friend from work who has a boy a week older than Lane. 6 baby boys makes for a fun time! I nicknamed the boys the "Six Pack." Here are the girls and babies:
Michelle is a teacher like me, Olivia is a stay-at-home mom, Andrea is a pilot, and Monica and Brittany are zookeepers at the Fort Worth Zoo! An interesting array of careers!

Olivia had lots of toys and entertainment set up for the babies. Look at all of that!!

Lane was 3 months and 12 days here.

Proud mommas!

The first group picture!! Of course Lane had to be crying! Haha! Aren't they cute?! This was taken on June 17, 2010

The next playdate was at my house on July 15, 2010.

Andrea couldn't make it so her husband brought Charlie instead. What a guy!

Group picture #2. (7-15-10) So cute in their colored diapers! And Lane was smiling this time :)

And a cute tushie shot! Lane was 4 months 10 days here.
We already have our next playdate planned for August and can't wait to see each other again. I don't know what we will do once school starts back. It will be hard for all of us to meet during the day since some of us are teachers, so we will just have to do evening cookouts or something. It is so nice to have other moms to talk to, especially moms who have boys around the same age as yours! We can't wait to watch these babies grow up together!

Where does the time go?

How did our "Little Longhorner" go from THIS:


SO FAST???!!!!!!!


Lane went on his first road trip at the end of May. We went to San Angelo and spent time with the Snowden's and Paw. Lane did really well in the car and basically slept the whole time.

Marley let Lane borrow her pink nap nanny. They watched Baby Einstein together and Lane loved it!

We went shopping, ate dinner at Henry's one night and Ryan and Tiffany's the other night, and took some family photos on the porch.

Paw loved seeing "Dusty" as he calls Lane, and Lane loved seeing his great-grandpa too!

Paw and his 3 great-grandchildren Marley, Lane, and Mason.

First Swim

Lane took his first dip in the pool at Mums' house on his 3 month birthday. He looked sooo cute in his swim gear even though the trunks were a bit big! He wasn't a fan of swimming this first time! He cried and cried throughout the whole 3 minute ordeal. He went swimming a few more times this summer and enjoyed it more each time. (As long as he was being held!)


This summer Lane has learned lots of new tricks!

He became a pro at tummy time and can lift his head all the way up and can push up on his arms.

He can sit up with help. He sit on the floor all by himself for about 7 seconds before toppling over.

He started to grab things and likes to put them straight in his mouth.

He can stand really well with help and can even take little steps with help.

And he can roll over! These pictures were taken of him rolling over from tummy to back for the first time. He can now roll over back to tummy as of July 4. Now he rolls all over the place!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer Movies

Ok...I am FAR behind on my blogging! You would think that being off for the summer would leave lots of time for updating my blog with Lane's latest news. But we have been super busy lately! I have lots of cute posts planned and may end up having to do a whole summer recap! Until I get those posts up, here are 2 cute videos of our little guy!

This first one is him frowning at his musical froggy. For some reason certain musical toys make Lane stick out his lower lip and frown! The purple elephant at Mums' house and this frog make him frown the most! It is pitiful, yet HILARIOUS!

This second video is Lane cracking up at his daddy. Kyle can usually make Lane laugh out loud just by making funny faces for him. We love his sweet little laugh!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kyle's First Father's Day

Kyle had a great time on his first Father's Day. We spent the day just hanging out and relaxing and went out for yogurt that night. Even though Lane and Kyle only get to see each other on weekends due to Kyle's work schedule, I can tell Lane just adores him!

Monday, July 19, 2010

I ♥ Faces - "Over My Head"

This week's theme at I ♥ Faces is "Over My Head." I took this bridal picture of my sister, Kori on her college campus in College Station, TX. It was drizzling all day, but she managed to look great dispite the weather! The leopard print umbrella was her idea and turned out so cute!

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