Friday, November 20, 2009

Long time no post

Well, not much has really been going on around here...I have been feeling pretty despite the head cold that I have had for a few days. I STILL have not received the fabric samples for the baby bedding, and am getting a little impatient! Hopefully by next week they will be in and I can post pictures then. Lane has still been kicking away. I can tell he is beginning to get into sleep patterns. I feel him some in the mornings, then again around lunch time, and ALOT at night time. My stomach has really popped out in the last month and I am now getting to where lots of my pants and shirts are a little too tight! I went to the Hulen Mall GAP last night (they have a maternity section) looking for a couple of good pairs of maternity jeans, but am having the hardest time finding some that fit just right. I am picky about the waist band and it seems like if they fit in the legs and hips, they are too big in the waist. Maybe I am just not big enough in the belly quite yet and I will grow into them. (Or maybe my hips and legs are too big.) I didn't end up getting any pants, but I did find a bunch of really cute maternity shirts! I can't believe I am already half-way through this pregnancy! March will be here before we know it!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Birthday Boy

Happy 27th birthday Kyle!! I love you very much and I know Lane will too. I hope your 27th year is perfect!

"Kicking around" some different bedding ideas...

I have been having the hardest time finding crib bedding that I like for little Lane. I have looked ALL over the internet and in stores and only a few sets have caught my attention. Mom and I decided to go check out a few places in Canton that make custom baby bedding from fabric you choose. We asked my mother in law Claire to come along and headed out Halloween morning. It was rather overwhelming at first because I have never been to Canton before. It is a giant flea market/craft fair that has so much stuff! We finally found our way to the bedding place we had set out to find. After about 20 minutes of looking at fabric samples we found one that I really liked. It was chocolate brown with big ivory, cream, dark blue and light blue polka dots. We found some coordinating colors and started designing with the lady that owned the booth. She mentioned a fabric in the same polka dot pattern but somewhat different colors that I may like, but didn't have the sample for us to see. She wrote down all that I liked and is going to send me the swatch of the other option this week. I will put pictures up on here as soon as I receive the samples and see what you all think! Both options are pretty much the same colors, just different layouts. I can't wait to get his bedding ordered and get started on the room! Now we have to find a crib!

Later that same night I kept feeling something weird in my stomach. It was Lane kicking! I have been waiting and waiting to feel something, especially since 2 of my pregnant friends who are due around the same time as me began feeling their babies kick weeks ago! At 19 1/2 weeks, on Halloween, and on the day I found his crib bedding, he started kicking up a storm! He must have been as excited about his crib bedding as I am! It feels like the inside of my stomach is twitching or kind of like bubbles popping in there. I am sure it is him, because I am still feeling it this morning. We go back to see Dr. H for our 20 week check up this week, so I will be posting my sono pics soon!

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